Monday, March 31, 2014

Homemade tortillas and the taco filling, turns out it IS a 30 minute meal! Tortillas: 2 cups of flour (AP or whole wheat) 2 tsp of salt 2 tablespoons of solid fat (lard is traditional, but I've also used butter, coconut oil would work as well) 3/4 cup of warm liquid (milk, whey, water) incorporate salt into flour, then cut in your fat, add milk and knea on floured surface till comes together relatively smooth form a ball and rest 10-20 mins (this is when I prepped and started my filling on the stove) preheat a griddle or dry cast iron skillet pull several bouncy ball size rounds and roll each very thin, they'll puff on the heated surface cook on the griddle till puffed, and flip to brown both sides keep warm and serve with your favorite Mexican/texmex dish

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