Friday, September 7, 2012

End of summer veggies

Well, I thoroughly suck at this whole blogging process, but alas-here's a new post. I recently made apple blueberry bread off my basic banana bread recipe. I used brown sugar instead of standard granular, and a bit more of it since apples aren't as sweet as bananas. I still added my blueberries, and it was in fact delicious. Banana bread is a favorite in this house, and I look forward to a zucchini bread in the future. I don't have any recipes to share at the moment as I've shared the ones I use the most often. I have however been doing an incredible amount of produce processing and freezing. I've set our family up to have fresh frozen produce all winter long. I must admit I'm looking forward to fresh corn in December! As a heads up to my other midwesterners, if corn has been good in your area, this week is probably going to be the last of it at farmers markets. I have every intention of stocking up. Bumper crops are great for preserving. The fruit is at its peak and least expensive! A quick blanching in salt water is sufficient to set yourself up for quick cooking deliciousness. The vegetable will maintain its texture and nutrition while being a very quick cooking side dish or addition to any meal! I also plan on stocking up on the last of the tomatoes and preserving large amounts of tomato sauce! If anyone needs a recipe for tomato sauce, I'd be happy to oblige! Happy gatherings and happy cooking!

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