Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wow...too long

I can't believe its been so long since I last posted, and to my followers and fans, I'm truly sorry. Many of you know the updates in my life since then. But for those that don't I'll let you know what's up. Since my last post I have found out I was pregnant, learned that while I may have been hired by a foodie paradise, working there meant no time for anything else much less cooking new masterpieces, and am now a stay at home (almost) mom. As I eagerly await my LO's arrival, I'll be working on updating more frequently. I hope I'll have enough time to be a true kitchen ninja and tear up some new recipes, though babies tend to impede such activities for awhile.

My activities as of late have been quite domestic, though quite less kitchen oriented. I've been attempting to set up a nursery and get the rest of this house into something resembling a baby friendly abode.

However, with warmer weather approaching, I am itching to pull out the grill, make a batch of lemonade, and really get down in the kitchen, so I aim to be less of a stranger. What new recipes have you guys tried that you loved as of late?

I will tell of my husband's failed attempt at pork enchiladas. He unfortunately didn't read the directions closely enough and the proportions of sauce inside and outside the tortilla weren't quite right, that coupled with insufficient bake time and it certainly left something to be desired. They were more taquitos than enchiladas and were according to him completely inedible. As far as he's concerned, pork has no place in Mexican food and I'm hard pressed to get him to eat chicken or turkey in that format.

Well I'm off Ninjas. Keep adventurous in the kitchen.


When making pulled pork, get a larger shoulder and split the rewards for different seasonings after about 6-8 hours on low in the slow cooker. Make half into pulled pork sandwiches, the other half can become tasty carnitas!