Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Homemade Baby Food

Lately I've thrown the kitchen ninja skills at making baby food for the little man. It's pretty cool to make him something nutritious and healthy rather than opening a jar. I do use jarred foods for time and introduction purposes. No sense in making a big batch of something he's allergic to or simply refuses to eat. So far I've been able to make up lots of simple purees (the picture is a selection of those purees), and I'm working on pureed combinations. He's getting ever closer to being fully ready to eat a mushy version of what we're eating. He's even practicing with the spoons! The process is simple, here I've got pictures of making homemade carrot puree, just steam, puree with the cooking liquid, cool, and freeze in ice trays. Simple!
Look at how bright that color is!

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