Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Three Cheese Lasagna and Italian Bread

As the title states, thats what's for dinner tonight (to quote my favorite tv cook). Additionally, there's no meat in this dinner and the bread is homemade. I did have my bread machine mix up the dough, saves you some time because you can do other things during that hour and half. Then its just as simple as shaping, proofing, prepping and baking! If the way it smells is any indication, this is going to be awesome! The lasagna, will also be homemade (save for the pasta, which will be no boil). I prefer to make my own tomato sauce when making lasagna. While this is obviously not a vegan dish, it does qualify as vegetarian, but will satisfy the meat eaters in the family too. Its important to scale back meat quantity. The average American woman only needs approximately 5.5 oz of meat/bean proteins a day-I guarantee you get more than that! If anyone wants either of these recipes, comment. If there's enough interest, I'll post it on Kitchen Ninja's facebook page and on here.

pro tip: when mixing together a cheese mixture for any baked pasta dish, mix in at least egg to help hold the dish together.

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